Fall 2021 Programs

If you have questions, e-mail rena@tennistar.com 


*For classes that require preapproval, please email rena@tennistar.com for the direct link to sign up.

At BSHC, we offer a developmental pathway that caters to youth of all different age groups and skill sets. Our goal is to help improve your child's game and to get them to the next level through our progressive junior classes that utilize age-appropriate equipment and tools
We offer Red, Orange and Green Dot classes that are skill and age specific to help your child progress to the next level. 
Red and Orange Balls will be used for kids ages 10 and under. Green and Yellow are for kids 11-18 yrs old. 
Red Ball kids (ages 7 and under) will use a 21ft short court and a smaller net. 
Orange Ball kids (ages 8-10) will use a 36ft short court with a regular tennis net. 
Green Dot and Yellow Ball kids (ages 11 and up) will use a regular 78ft court. 
We also offer private lessons as well as private group classes at a different rate. Please contact rena@tennistar.com for more information!
Red Ball 
This is for beginner kids age 5-7 who have limited experience with tennis. Kids will focus on building physical skills such as agility, coordination and speed while learning the fundamentals of different tennis shots. 
Age: 5-7           
Thursday 5pm-6pm Enroll Here
Saturday 9am-10am Enroll Here
Sunday 9am-10am Enroll Here
Orange Ball 1  
This class is designed for beginner and intermediate kids ages 8-10 who will be introduced to fundamental tennis shots such as the forehand, backhand, serve, and volley with a focus on developing footwork. 
Age: 8-10
Saturday 10am-11am Enroll Here
Orange Ball 2
This class requires basic rallying abilities with a main focus of developing topspin. There will be a greater focus on ball placement as well as net play. 
Ages: 8-10 
Wednesday 4pm-5pm Enroll Here
Thursday 4pm-5pm Enroll Here
Green Dot 1
This class is a beginners class for kids 10-12 that is designed to further develop their fundamentals and footwork technique. Kids will be introduced to game play through score keeping and point play. 
Ages: 10-12
Wednesday 5pm-6pm Enroll Here
Friday 4pm-5pm Enroll Here
Green Dot 2 
Green dot 2 requires kids to be able to rally proficiently with a Pro and their fellow peers. In this class, kids will focus on ball placement and other tactics for intro to match play. Score keeping and serving will be emphasized.
Preapproval necessary by coach before placement in class.* 
Ages: 10-12
Monday 4pm-5pm 
Saturday 11am-12 
Yellow Ball 1
In this class, kids will be working on developing topspin while brushing up on the fundamentals of the five main shots in tennis (forehand, backhand, volley, serve and overheads). There will also be a focus on developing proper footwork techniques. 
Ages: 13 and up
Tuesday 5pm-6pm Enroll Here
Friday 5pm-6pm Enroll Here
Saturday 3pm-4pm Enroll Here
Yellow Ball 2
In this class, kids will be able to hold an extended rally with partners while showing proper footwork techniques. Kids will work on match play tactics and serving and receiving skills.
Preapproval necessary by coach before placement in this class.*   
Ages: 13 and up  
Sunday 10:30am-12pm
Tuesday 4pm-5pm 
High School Intermediate/Advanced Clinic 
This class is designed for rising high schoolers or current high schoolers looking for more match play experience. This is for players seeking to play more competitive tennis whether on their school team or outside of school through junior tournaments.
Preapproval necessary by coach before placement in this class.* 
Ages: 14 and up 
Tuesday 6pm-7:30pm 
Friday 6pm-7:30pm 
Saturday 1pm-3:00pm 
Tournament and Match Play Prep
To join our tournament and match play prep class, players should have experience with match play whether through their school teams or through regulated sanctioned, year round tournaments. There will be a greater emphasis on more tactical tennis as well as fitness and footwork.
Preapproval necessary by coach before placement in this class.* 
Ages: 14 and up 
Monday 5pm-6:30pm
Thursday 6pm-7:30pm
Sunday 10am-11:30am 
*For classes that require preapproval, please email rena@tennistar.com for the direct link to sign up.