Adult Summer Programs 2022

At BSHC we offer a wide range of adult classes. 

Please use this link to the USTA NPTR rating scale as a reference if you are unsure of your level- Click Here

*Our clinics at level 3.0 and above require approval of our director, Rena Shi, to enroll. Please email for the direct link for those classes.


2.0/2.5 (Re)Intro to Tennis 

This class is designed for beginners who have limited experience with the sport or beginners who are trying to get back in the game after a long hiatus. This class will focus on basic stroke development (forehand, backhand, volley, serve, and overhead). 

Wednesday 6pm-7pm

Friday 8pm-9pm 



In this class, players will have basic fundamentals and the ability to hold a medium paced rally. Players will focus on further developing their technique with an emphasis on net play. 

Monday 10:30am -12pm*

Monday 7:30-9pm*

Tuesday 9am-10:30am*

Thursday 10:30am-12pm*

Thursday 7:30pm-9pm*


Players will start developing pace and control with placement in mind. In this class, net game is crucial as well as court coverage and movement. There will be a mix of singles and doubles match play in this class. 

Tuesday 10:30am-12pm* 

Tuesday 7:30pm-9pm* 

Thursday 9am-10:30am* 

Friday 10:30am-12pm*



Players will be able to hit consistently at a steady pace with good execution at the net. Drills will focus on movement as well as court coverage. 

Wednesday 7pm-8:30pm*