A Typical Day at TenniStar

Directors group students by age and ability. Instructors emphasize different strokes daily and work on stroke fundamentals, footwork, singles and doubles strategy, and lead games that keep kids learning and excited to improve.

Fast-paced drills tailored to specific ages and ability levels keep students engaged and active. Our youngest campers use special tennis balls and nets, and a variety of activities to make the day fun. Snack breaks are taken mid-mornings and on Tuesday and Thursday at Onelife Fitness, Clayboys Shaved Ice comes to by the club. All-day campers break for lunch from noon-1pm, and on Fridays have pizza days! 

About 20% of the students stay all day; others come mornings or afternoons only. Campers ages 5 and 6 typically come in the mornings only. Afternoons are less crowded and are the best time for older campers to hone skills and to play matches. If your child falls outside of the age range, but would still like to attend camp, contact our office for approval.

Campers should bring a racket, athletic clothing, a hat, a water bottle, a snack, and lunch for all-day students.

Looking for more than just summer camps? TenniStar offers several additional programs including:

  • Year round private & group lessons in Bethesda
  • Junior and adult clinics at Onelife Fitness
  • Sport-specific training & conditioning
  • Facility management

TenniStar Camp Dates by Location:

Georgetown Visitation in Washington, DC